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All Hat, No Cattle

You claim you're a cowboy, I don't think it's so
Say you're a cowboy, a real cowboy should know
Cowboys push cattle, sleep on the ground
Always chewin' Redman, talk that cowboy sound.
You don't drink your coffee with the grounds still in the cup
And the sun's already shinin’ boy when the clock wakes you up
Don't look like no cowboy, all weathered and brown
And I've never seen you ridin’ when the rodeo's in town

You're all hat, no cattle, all swagger and talk
All Levis and belt buckles but you don’t walk the walk
Hand made boots from Lucchese, Neiman’s bought hat
Don't make you no cowboy to dress like that

Say you're from out where the air is fresh and clean
Claim to run a little spread just west of Abilene
But your I.D. says New Jersey, there's some Yankee in your voice
I sure do hate to tell ya Tex but I really got no choice

You don't drive an old truck with a rack for your gun
Got that Volvo station wagon with a car seat for your son
And the first thing Monday morning. in your tasseled loafer shoes
You'll be back pushin' papers with those presidential blues

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blue blue