Bruce Brittain
American Songwriter and Singer
blue blue
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Bring Me to My Knees

Take me someplace special
Somewhere that I’ve never been
Teach me tricks I’ve never thought about
The do it over and over again
Cast your spell upon me
Do it just how you please
Cause something about your grace and style
Just brings me to my knees.

Bring me to my knees one more time
I’d give it all up for you baby
Til I’m down to my last dime
You can drag me around like a Bassett hound
Put a ring through my nose
When first I saw you, girl, I thought, I want one of those

Work your magic on me
Share your secrets share your time
We’ll take a slow sweet mystery tour
I’ll dig some treasure from your mine
Mix up that special potion
That puts my mind at ease
Cause there’s something about your eyes and smile
Just brings me to my knees

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blue blue