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Can't Be

Can’t be the weather cause it rains now and then
Can’t be the market, hell it’s down again
Can’t be the deal cause I never draw an ace
Can’t be the news puts this smile on my face

Can’t be the Lotto, they don’t draw my name
Can’t be a ship, you know mine never came
Can’t be the ponies, my picks they never win
Better look somewhere else for what’s causing this grin

It’s this little bit of heaven
With some devil in her eyes
A little hint of sugar comes as no surprise
She’s got those little fingers I love to wrap around
She’s my one and only baby
Life is good when she’s in town

Can’t be the season, it’s too raw and cold
Can’t be the journey, put my travels on hold
If you say it’s my nature you’d be missing by a mile
Just my sweet baby, she’s the reason for my smile

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blue blue