Bruce Brittain
American Songwriter and Singer
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Little Things You Do

I hear you say that you love me
Those words come easy for you
But baby how you really feel about me
It's in these little things you do

Say you'll be mine forever
Claim that I'm the single man for you
Through thick and thin, baby whatever
So please explain these little things you do
You know these tricky little things you do

What’s with all this late-night overtime
All this extra work you don't seem to mind
These conferences and those "get-a-ways"
Honey, sometimes you are gone for days
You must think I'm deaf, dumb and blind

I don't recall those earrings
Since when does a movie last ‘til two?
Yeah, sugar, gotta be at least one more thing
With so many of these little things you do
I can't believe who's tryin' to fool who

What's with all your brand new underwear?
That new blond streak in your hair?
Those hang-ups on the telephone?
All the wine you drink when I'm not home?
The smell of aftershave I don't wear?
(alternate last line) Since when do you shave your legs way up there?

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blue blue