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Never Met a Hero Yet

That shadow you cast in the mornin’ sun
It’s the same near sundown
Your constant companion
Just a marker on the ground
Doesn’t tell me how big you are
Or if you’ll make a stand
Just a darkening of the walkway
Simply darker shades of sand

Don’t brag to me about what you’ve done or plan to do
Let’s have some action, results showin’ through
Others will surely praise you,
If you are who you say you are
But I’ve never met a hero yet
Who claimed he was a star

All those stories of your close escapes
All that money you say you’ve made
Elusive as your shadow
When you’re standin’ in the shade
If your stories don’t hold water
If that bucket runs completely dry
Life’s gonna kick you to the curb
And we’ll know the reason why
You will know the reason why

Don’t brag to me about things you say you’ve done
Let your actions cast their shadows in the sun
Others will sing your praises
If your deeds prove your words
But I’ve never met a hero yet
Whose talk is all we heard

You could be a pretender
Full of talk and “look at me”
Just another dead-ender
Maybe nothin’s there but a smile and perfect hair
Soon we’ll see

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blue blue