Bruce Brittain
American Songwriter and Singer
blue blue
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Not Meant to Be

He ate a cold slice of pizza late Sunday morning
Left over from Friday night
Read the message on the mirror in lipstick and Brylcreem
He turned and he turned out the light

He knew that some things are not meant to be
Doomed right from the start
She would leave him, he could see
Still, it made it hard on his heart

She was a tall drink of water out of east Texas
Living in west Tennessee
Played the slide down on Beale Street
Backin’ up singers
Lending her sweet harmony

They had nothing in common
Except what went on in her room
He had lots of education
But she’d left home way too soon
He came from Tennessee money
Her’s was a poor family
He drove the latest and greatest
She drove a beat up GMC

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blue blue