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American Songwriter and Singer
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She'll Spend Your Money

I met her first at a party down on Duval.
We caught up later at a bar along the shore.
Where she was flirtin’ hard with the flyboys from the Navy.
She’d dance a little but they always wanted more, more, more.

She could drink right up and never laid down a dollar.
Tell a joke and have ‘em all on the floor.
more than a handful, a lovely lady, boy.
I was tryin’ to imagine what I had in store.
Tryin’ to imagine what I had in store.

But I knew straight away she was gonna spend all my money
And I knew right then she’d run me out of time
I shoulda listened much closer to my buddies, they said
“There you go son, you’re about to lose your mind.”
They said, “There you go boy, she’s gonna waste your time.”

Then she took me for a ride along the freeway.
She took me for the fool she knew I was.
And she said those things that make a man sorry.
I shoulda cut and run but I didn’t just because.

So now I’m broke and she’s workin’ on another.
Just like one of those drinks that she throws down.
And if you’re gonna be a party to her circus, son
Try to be the hero, not the clown.
Try to be the hero, not the clown.

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blue blue