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American Songwriter and Singer
blue blue
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She Wants to Change Things

She throws her pearls up at moon
Just to keep it company
Says, “It’s lonely, dark and cold there
It’s just reflected light you see.”
She throws her pearls up at the moon
Though they clatter to the ground
You can see ‘em glowing at her feet
And scattered all around.

She wants to change things, for the better
She wants to give her life a chance
She wants to dream her dreams in the daytime too
She wants a shot at romance

So she sings her song into the wind
Now it’s out there on its own
For some ready downwind ear
Who’s listening all alone
She sings her song into the wind
It gets soaked up by the blue
Gets tossed and lost, it’s high and dry
But it’s damn sure clear to you

So she re-invents your history
She re-invents your pain
So it’s not as raw as you recall
Though it hurts some just the same
She re-invents your history
But what was true is still
So she softens all the edges
And her version warms your chill

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blue blue