Bruce Brittain
American Songwriter and Singer
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Sundown in Sun City

There’s a picture in the hallway
Of someone young and fine,
Goes unnoticed day-to-day
The features are familiar
All unmarked by time
Just someone he knew along the way.

He drinks a diet soda
Sneaks a quiet smoke
As evening pulls the curtain on the day
Has a daughter up in Denver
A brother down the road
Where his son might be, he can’t say

It’s sundown in Sun City
The light is growing dim
The day is fading from the sky
The front porch is empty
All except for him
He’ll shuffle in, by-and-by

There’s a stack of yellowed letters
Tucked inside the drawer
He rarely reads them anymore
Some are in her careful hand
Others in his own
Postmarked Saigon and Singapore

He never dreamed it would go this way
Dimming as old memories fade
Bur time owes us nothing but its own steady beat
Then time will take it all away.

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blue blue