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American Songwriter and Singer
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Woman of a Certain Age

Hearts, she broke a few
And her own a time or two
Some scars you see
Some don’t show
Fools, she suffered some,
Almost nothing she hasn’t done
She’s got secrets, we’ll never know

She sorts it out and tucks it away
Knew she’d need it one of these days
Every year she slowly turns the page
She’s a woman of a certain age

Won’t lead you on, won’t play that game,
Savors the pleasures, accepts the pain
Now that she looks at life with a clearer view.
Wants quiet talk and expensive wine,
She gets it right because she gives it time
Admit it boy, you’re one of the lucky few

Oh, the choices she could have made
All the others she knew
And the roads she did not take
Because of you

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blue blue