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American Songwriter and Singer
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Wouldn’t You

Stopped by this little party
Up at the pretty lady’s place
Could only stay awhile but she flashed that smile
That’s when I knew, that I might stay, wouldn’t you?

We ended up alone in her kitchen
How we got there I don’t recall
I tried to leave, she grabbed my sleeve
What’s a man to do?
So I stayed, wouldn’t you?

She covered me up with her kisses
She offered me all her love
I tried to object, but she kissed my neck
And that changed my point of view
So I stayed, wouldn’t you?

I didn’t mean to crash her party
And stayin’ wasn’t in my plan
But she cast her spell, and what the hell
Things got completely out of hand

She had a butterfly tattoo
In a most amazing place
With her britches on that tattoo was gone
Seein’ that butterfly was my clue
That I should stay, wouldn’t you?
Yes I stayed and you know you would too.

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blue blue