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Your One and Mostly

I could be your one and only
If I only had the time
I’d call to say, “ I love you”
If I could dig up another dime
I should write to say, “I need you”
But I’m so busy with this other friend of mine
So I’ll just be your one and mostly
‘Til I can find the time.

We would be a lovely item
If we only saw eye-to-eye
Create a major scandal
If we told those others, “Goodbye”
Drop a note to say, we’re leavin’
Then sail off towards the moon
Then I would be your one and only
Got to find the time soon.


But by myself I just can’t do it
Girl you’ve got to help me through it
Give me courage and conviction
Some Hail Mary’s and a benediction
Turn your love light on high beam
Cause I’m blinder than I seem
Tie me up, pin me down
I’ll come around

You could tell me how to love you
If I’d take the time to hear
Show me how to please you
Whisper secrets in my ear
You could overcome my worries
Push all doubt right out of my mind
Then I would be your one and only
We’d have nothin’ but time.

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blue blue