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American Songwriter and Singer
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Blue Sunday
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More to Love
With the release of his sophomore CD, Bruce introduces a few new songs, mixed with several that were originally produced during his Nashville “alternative country” period (also known as “unsuccessful country”). With the extensive help of Atlanta producer/musician, David Leonard, the 12-song CD bridges a gap from honky-tonky bar shuffles to melancholy ballads to slide-guitar blues. The title cut, More to Love, was inspired by Atlanta’s second place ranking in USA Today’s “Fattest City” competition, an honor that demands reflection on the pluses of plus-size women. The song Woman of a Certain Age is Bruce’s observations on the appeal of women who have become more interesting, not just older. There are songs inspired by granddaughters (Can’t Be), grandfathers (Sundown in Sun City) and bullshit artists (Never Met a Hero Yet). Bruce had planned to include a song inspired by left-handed Serbo-Croation barmaids but couldn’t work out the rhyme scheme.

While this may not be Bruce’s last CD project, he is seriously contemplating taking up a less expensive hobby, perhaps Arabian horse breeding or cigarette power-boat racing. Given that, you will want to secure this CD as it will inevitably become a rare collector’s item. Order several as they make excellent coasters.

Blue Sunday
This introductory CD includes 12 songs selected by Austin, Texas producer Paul Pearcy as most representative of the Americana R&B that Bruce Brittain creates. The songs range from the snarky opening cut, Wouldn’t You, which asks the listener if they would really turn down some casual, no risk sex, to the melancholy Silences that explores love’s opposite, apathy. There’s a song about a woman who is eternally optimistic about her chances for romance and another about a woman who found her life’s mate when he paid to dance with her in a Depression-era Baltimore dancehall. There are two-step tunes, straight ahead blues, jazzy swing, ballads, country highbrow and a New Orleans riff on Bring Me to My Knees.

His music convinced some great musicians to help bring it to a larger audience via this debut CD project, Blue Sunday. Included in that group are Floyd Domino; formerly keyboard player for Asleep at the Wheel, Glenn Fukunaga; bass player for Joe Ely and Terri Hendrix, Bradley Kopp; session guitar player supreme who once backed Johnny Cash, Paul Pearcy; percussionist for Terri Hendrix and who toured with the Indigo Girls, John Hagen; cellist for Lyle Lovett, Cindy Cashdollar; the steel guitar and Dobro player who regularly appears on A Prairie Home Companion, fiddle player Richard Bowden from the Susan Gibson Band, mandolin player and band leader Billy Bright, accordion magician Ponty Bone, vocalists Kristine Dewitt and Bruce’s younger brother Barry.

If you like Austin-influenced Americana music then there is much to enjoy in this debut CD by a singer/songwriter who has lived enough of life to create songs that include insight, irony, humor, sentiment and a groove.

All songs written by Bruce Brittain

Vocals and acoustic guitar: Bruce Brittain
Lead, slide and acoustic guitar: Bradley Kopp
Keyboards: Floyd Domino
Electric and stand-up bass: Glenn Fukunaga
Percussions: Paul Pearcy
Accordion: Ponty Bone
Dobro, steel and Tricone National guitar: Cindy Cashdollar
Mandolin: Billy Bright
Violin: Richard Bowden
Cello: John Hagen
Harmony Vocals: Barry Brittain and Kristine DeWitt

Recorded and mixed by East Side Flash at Flashpoint Recording Studio, Austin, Texas (2007)

Mastered by Nick Landis at Terra Nova Digital Audio, Austin, Texas
Packaging Design by Shan D. Wallace, Gama Design Studio, Atlanta, Georgia
Released and distributed by Wisdom River Records (ASCAP), Atlanta, Georgia

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